Thursday, 14 February 2013

What's New This Month!!!

I am on information overload! There are so many new and exciting news for me to share with you from Bring A Friend Vouchers to Product Improvements, Product Retirement and NEW PRODUCTS!!

Bring A Friend Vouchers
Would you like to earn a "Spend $50 choose $50" voucher? I can tell you how. If you bring a friend who is new to Kaszazz to my next customer event, I will give both you and your friend a "Spend $50 choose $50" voucher. Bring as many friends as you like - you will receive one voucher for each friend you bring! Simply let me know their email address before my next customer event, so that they can confirm they want the referral, and so I can generate the vouchers in time to hand to you both at the event.

Product Improvement - Roman Fonts Die
Our 2599 Fonts #Delight Roman Ezy-Press die has been improved! This die was one of the trickier designs in our range to use because of the many letters being cut out at any one time. The die, in its original format, has never been considered faulty as there are many well documented tips and techniques for producing a good result. Of the manufacturer's many global customers selling this design, Kaszazz is the only company to have pushed them for a better product! Our high standards have encouraged them to change the die format to 2 separate, narrow dies rather than 1 great big die. The new format reduces the number of shapes being cut at one time, and puts even cutting pressure across all shapes. All orders for the 2599 Fonts #Delight Roman from now on will be supplied in the new format.

Product Retirement - Polka Dot Brads
Unfortunately, 1390 Brads - Polka Dots 30mm (10) will be retired effective immediately. Our supplier has advised us that they are no longer able to manufacture this size for us. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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New Products
Some new products have been pre-released in anticipation of the next product release in May. All I can say is WOW! There are three new papers which will add a dash of masculinity to your projects. But, they are just as suited to any other style of project, especially with the trendy chevron pattern on the reverse!
There is a new binding machine available called The Cinch. The Cinch makes book binding quick, easy and affordable! You can punch perfectly round holes, customise hole spacing and punch any length of book. The Cinch is great for making mini albums, recipe books, presentations and more!Binding wire is available in 1", 3/4" and 5/8" rings and 4 choices of colour will give you the perfect bind for any book project.
There are also some new exclusive un-mounted Kaszazz Stamps and embellishments as well as a Journal Genie. You can do all your creative journalling with this Journal Genie! With a fine tip pen on one end and a glue stick on the other - you'll never be stuck for words ever again! It is perfect for art journalling, cardmaking, scrapbooking and beyond the page!

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A new, exclusive range of alcohol ink markers have been developed by Kaszazz in 72 colours closely matching the 72 SB Essentials colours, and will soon be available for you to purchase. Keep an eye on this spot to learn about the arrival of these great new markers.

And that is about it for now. Like I said... information overload!!

If there are any of the new products you would like to purchase, or you would like to take advantage of the Bring A Friend Voucher System, don't hesitate to contact me on 0425 256 777 or email

Until next time,

Happy scrapping

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