What is Kaszazz???

Our History

Kaszazz started late in 1993, but at the time was known as "Crafty Kids". The concept was first developed by two mums who grew tired of having to visit many different shops to purchase craft materials for their young children. They collected a broad range of basic craft materials and developed some unique kits containing instructions and everything needed to make some fun creations. The range was first offered for sale at a stall in a craft fair in January 1994 at a little South Australian country town called Yankalilla. 

The stall was by far the most popular at the fair, providing all the encouragement needed to develop the range further. Selling through retail outlets was investigated, but it soon became apparent Crafty Kids offered a great opportunity for fun, profit and meaningful work to independent consultants.

The product range grew very rapidly, and in response to demand, gradually included more and more scrapbooking and stamping products that were being used by adults. Soon it became apparent that the name "Crafty Kids" gave new customers the impression the range was just for children, whereas this was no longer the case. So in 2007, after a very exhaustive search and with lots of help from our creative consultants, our name was changed to Kaszazz.

Kaszazz is owned and managed by Karen (one of the two mums mentioned above) and Peter Stock from a warehouse and office located at Albert Park in South Australia.

We're all about shared creative fun!

Our mission at Kaszazz is to spread the enjoyment and satisfaction of shared creative fun. We strive to achieve this mission by offering 3 exciting events customers love to attend:

1. FREE make and take demonstrations - customers see two projects demonstrated and make one to keep.

2. 2 Hour (2H) workshops - customers work on one or more projects at the same time.

3. Master Class (MC) workshops - beyond beginner's projects for advanced customer groups to make over four hours.

The 3 customer events are delivered by an Australia-wide network of independent Kaszazz consultants. An ever-changing range of projects, along with an exciting range of contemporary scrapbooking and stamping products, are available to Kaszazz consultants ensuring endless variety for their customers.

We recognise our ability to serve our customers is totally dependent on our consultants, employees and suppliers. Our total commitment to conducting our business in a straightforward, courteous and ethical manner began with the formation of Crafty Kids and continues with Kaszazz.

FREE Host Gifts

Customers who agree to host a Kaszazz event are provided with the following gifts and FREEbies:
  • 10% of the Total RRP Order value (provided this exceeds $150) to spend on their choice of Host Gifts (anything from the entire Kaszazz range!)
  • An additional $10 to spend on their Host Gifts for each Demonstration Booking (must be held within 12 weeks) up to a maximum of 4 bookings. That is potentially another $40 to spend!
  • "Hero Host" and "Super Star Host" gifts. These are changed monthly.
Kaszazz website

The Kaszazz website www.kaszazz.com/ contains the full product range and an ever-changing range of projects (using those products) for the 3 customer events.

 copyright. Kaszazz Pty Ltd

In a nutshell... by Lisa

Basically Kaszazz is an Australian owned and operated direct selling company of paper craft products. You do not need to attend a customer event to place an order, but you do need to order through a consultant. There are great Host Gifts and range of customer events to satisfy most lovers of paper craft. You can view a catalogue online on the website or contact me if you prefer a paperback version. I ship orders all over Australia at competitive prices with Australia Post. My contact details are:

Lisa Lord - Independent Kaszazz Consultant #107718

Phone: 0425 256 777

Email: lisalord_kaszazz@hotmail.com

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