Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What's been happening...

I need to apologise to you all as I have not posted a blog recently. It has been a bit crazy for me personally with a death in the family, but it has just enhanced my need to scrap my memories for the future generations. With this in mind I want to ask you all something... do you journal on your scrapbook pages? Journalling could be as little as the date the photo/s were taken and who is in them to telling the story behind the photo eg. what was happening when the photo was taken. Journalling doesn't have to be a lot, it doesn't even need to be visible. You can get creative with the journalling, maybe hiding it on a tag behind the photo if you don't want to have it seen. With the recent loss it has made me wonder what memories and stories have been lost with her. My children may not necessarily care what my year 12 formal was like, or how I met their father, but who's to say that my grandchildren or great grandchildren may not want to know. Even just journalling about what we had available to us growing up compared to what is available these days would be an interesting read for future generations. I know that in my search of family history I would have loved if one of my ancestors had scrapped their memories and stories of their lives. Just a little something to think about when you scrap your next page.

Till next time,

Happy scraping

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