Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sorry for being away so long

14 Flowers
Yesterday was my Techniques event at Dilston Hall where we made 14 flowers with just three different sized flower punches. Alot of curling, pinching, spritzing, punching and sticking was done, and alot of fun was had. Flowers were punched then lost, instructions were punched by accident, and flowers got stuck to fingers. Thank you Pat for sharing her tip of using sorbalene cream to unstick fingers when they've been stuck together by super glue. Next month's Technique event is focused on the May New Products held on Sunday 19th May from 1pm-3pm at Dilston Hall. This is the same weekend that consultants all over the country will see the new products, so if you are interested in attending please let me know.

I just want to take this opportunity to say sorry to my customers for no newsletter or blog posts these last few weeks. Over Easter I went to Maria Island as a parent helper on my son's cub camp, and ended up being airlifted off the island with suspected appendicitis. It was quite an exciting experience, my first time being in a helicopter, that while I was bed ridden the following week I needed to scrap the experience. Thankfully it wasn't appendicitis, and as investigations continue I just wanted to apologise to you all. I'm sure you all understand.
My scrap layout of my helicopter ride

Now that I'm feeling better I'm back with my blog and newsletter (which should be coming out later this week). On Sunday 28th April if you're in George Town come along to a FREE Mega Demo from 1:30pm-4pm at the Supper Room, George Town Memorial Hall. Just for coming along you receive a "Spend $50 choose $50" voucher, so you can buy $100 worth of product and only pay $50. If you bring four friends with you, you will receive a host pack valued at $50. Call me on 0425 256 777 to book your spot.

Till next time,

Happy scrapping

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